Famous People With Distance Learning Qualifications

famous people with distance learning qualifications - Bachelor of Commerce online

Famous People With Distance Learning Qualifications

Times have changed and technology has made lives easier. The rise of digital and the accessibility of the Internet have brought with it new waves of learning. This has meant the emergence and popularity of online learning. Programmes like a Bachelor of Commerce online degree have allowed students to get a qualification from wherever they’re located.

Whether it’s your goal to study teaching, learn new business skills or master strategic management, there are a host of programmes online. There are also certificates, diplomas and degrees to choose from, making digital learning available to everyone.

As a result, distance learning is now a common reality for many people who are travelling or working whilst they study. Many famous faces have even done this. Here are a few big names who took the distance learning bull by the horns.

James Franco

This popular “Spider Man” star was actually a dropout who abandoned his studies in his first year of college. After his acting career took off, he decided he should have a qualification behind him. In 2006 he got his BA online through UCLA, a prestigious school that is expensive to attend and difficult to get into. He praises UCLA for its online programmes that provide opportunities for students who can’t afford full-time lectures.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Terminator himself got his degree through distance learning. In 1979, he obtained a BA in Business and Internal Economics from the University of Wisconsin. He later went on to become Mr Universe, Mr Olympia, a famous actor, and eventually a Governor,

Steven Spielberg

As a man that needs no introduction, Steven dropped out of California State University in 1968 to focus on creating films. He then returned to the books and graduated in 2002 from the same university with a Bachelor of Arts degree that he attained through online studies. This is proof that it’s never too late to get a qualification.

Nelson Mandela

The father of our nation also used distance learning to further himself. As much as there was no Internet at that time, Madiba used old school methods like postal services to complete a BA degree whilst working for a law firm in Johannesburg. He continued his distance studies during his incarceration, where he attained a Bachelor of Law from the University of London’s External Degree Programme. What’s your excuse? Online studies could change your life

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