Characteristics that make a good CEO

bcom accounting degree

An IIE BCom Accounting degree and more general business qualifications are a good way to get into the business world. If you’ve chosen to study one of these, the chances are that you’ve dreamed of becoming a CEO. Chief Executive Officers are more than just big pay cheques and responsibilities. They’re leaders within their respective organisations.

What does it take to become a CEO? Yes, you need a sound qualification behind you, but it’ll take more than an IIE BCom Accounting degree. We’ve compiled a list of four key things that make for powerful and inspirational CEOs.

Values are key

Your own personal values will come to determine your value in your role as CEO. Consider your own social media presence. Do you carefully choose what you do and don’t say? What we say and how we say it is incredibly important in the business context, especially when you are in a position of power. Saying something without an understanding of what is being said and who it is reaching is careless. It will also have greater implications in the long run. Your own communications strategy will come to affect your company’s reputation. This doesn’t mean holding back your thoughts on business management and economics and other widely discussed subject matters, it just means being more conscious and exercising more caution.

There’s little time for sensitivity

Having the title of CEO means having to toughen up. It’s a fact that those in high positions are often subject to the most judgement. From internal criticism to public speculation, it’s all in a day’s work. Despite the pressures, don’t lose sight of what your goals are. It’s still rewarding and worth the effort. Stay focused and driven to hit those targets. You’ll soon prove them wrong.

Act fast and with purpose

Some CEOs make the mistake of waiting too long to intervene when some employees aren’t pulling their weight. This can prove to be to the detriment of the business. It’s why CEOs need to move quickly when it comes to staffing issues. By having a great management team in place, problems can be quickly prevented with minimal impact. This could be why some people see Chief Executive Officers as ruthless and calculating. In actual fact, they’re being swift and effective.

You need to enjoy it!

It’s not all seriousness and it definitely doesn’t have to be. If you’ve earned the title of CEO, the chances are that you have worked hard to get it. Set high expectations, enjoy the journey and use your position to inspire others. Remember that you’re not a one-man-show, it takes several people to run a company. By respecting this and them, they will respect you.

Make choices that your future self will thank you for

Getting ahead in your career isn’t something that happens overnight. It will take lots of hard work and sacrifice. A respected degree is a good starting point. It’s why you can choose from a range of IIE qualifications, geared toward helping you take life to the next level at The IIE’s Varsity College.

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