Character traits for successful accountants

character traits for successful chartered accountant course

Accounting isn’t an easy profession to get into. It takes dedication and a whole lot of studying. Not to mention the sacrifices spent doing articles in order to qualify. A chartered accountant course is just the first step in the process and on its own, there’s no guarantee that you’ll cut it in the working world.

Whilst not every accountant is the same as another, there are certain characteristics that will help you. Besides the technical knowledge that stems from completing a chartered accountant course here are the personality traits that will come in handy.


This is a prerequisite for success in any industry. In the accounting world in particular, you’ll come to work with several different types of people. Between clients, colleagues and various departments, you’ll need to communicate on a daily basis. Whether it’s replying to emails, having meetings or relaying information to someone else, how you convey valuable information is key.


An accounting degree can teach you many things but some of them you will need to hone on your own. One example is leadership. Whilst communication is a factor in leadership skills, there’s more to it. Are you approachable and could you see yourself mentoring others? This involves a fair amount of self-confidence, something many of us lack. If you believe in yourself and in your abilities, your peers will believe in you as well. Inspiring those around you to work with you towards a common goal is what makes a great leader. This positive impact won’t ever go unnoticed and the chances are, management will take notice too.


Are you adaptable and can you think on your feet? Many industries require this, especially one as dynamic as accounting. Finding solutions to complex problems in little time is important if you’re going to meet deadlines and client expectations. Part of being flexible is learning about new trends and tools in the accounting field. Whether it’s new pieces of software or improved processes, keeping up with new developments will mean standing out.


Yes, accountants crunch numbers but that doesn’t mean that they don’t deal with people. Client service is another box that aspiring accountants will need to learn to tick. Getting work experience will help you grow your abilities. Why not pop into your closest campus’ Career Centre to see what positions are available? We’ll even help prep you for the interview. Even if it’s just vac-work, you can still get valuable experience.

Let’s get you started on the road to success

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