Career paths with a BCom Accounting

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Sometimes you choose a career and other times it chooses you. That being said, just because you study a BCom Accounting doesn’t mean that you can only become an accountant. These days, employers are more flexible with their hiring processes. Career flexibility has also been made easier by the fact that many degrees are broad-based. This means that they cover a wide variety of material in order to give candidates as many opportunities as possible.

This is very much the case with a BCom Accounting. In fact, there are various avenues available to you with this popular degree and we’re taking a look at them below.

Chartered Accountant

Sure, this one is obvious but it’s still a popular choice that many strive towards. Yes there are sacrifices to be made in terms of time spent studying and completing articles but it’s worth it in the end. Many chartered accountants want to work for big names in the industry for the prestige and the pay cheque. It’s also worth noting that it’s an intellectually challenging profession as well.

Financial Risk Analyst

Every business needs to be aware of its risks and how to avoid them. This is particularly true on the financial side of things. It’s where financial risk analysts come in. They weigh up options, evaluate deals and advise on what is and isn’t feasible for a company.

Business Owner

Studying an accounting degree means learning the disciplines of business management and economics. As a result, many choose to use this knowledge to start their own businesses. With the help of this theory, they can navigate the challenging world of entrepreneurship with little trouble. It’s also super rewarding when you’re running your own operations and watching your business grow. Plus, it can’t get better than being your own boss!

Forensic Accountant

Think CSI meets accounting. This profession involves looking into financials and putting the pieces together in order to uncover fraud and theft. It’s very rewarding when you get to help businesses and people who have been taken for a ride.

Stock Broker

If you find market fluctuations and commodities interesting then this would be an ideal career for you. By using your accounting knowledge and finance theory to buy and sell stocks, you could find yourself in a profitable position. Although there are no rewards without risks, at least this career keeps things interesting.

Whatever your interests, we can help you pursue them

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