BCom Online: Your Way To The Top

BCom Online: Your Way To The Top

Tips for studying online

The evolution of technology means that many things have been made easier and more convenient. When it comes to your studies, this is no different. Pursuing a degree like a BCom online is a great way to achieve a business management qualification whilst you work, without having to stick to strict lecture schedules. Studying online, however, can seem like a daunting prospect, with many thinking that they lack the discipline it requires. Here are a few ways to boost your online study skills.

Know what’s expected of you before you start

By reading all of the course outlines, and even chatting to the Programme Success Tutor (PST), you will be less likely to feel overwhelmed later on once the semester is underway. If you have a clear idea of what is expected of you, and what is required to ensure that you pass, you will be able to approach your modules with far more confidence.

Create a timetable

Timetables aren’t just for traditional learning… When it comes to studying towards a degree like a BCom online, your time management plays a crucial role. By setting aside enough time to study, you’ll be able to complete the course work and achieve the results that will help you stand out from the crowd. A timetable will also help you establish the type of routine that will ensure productivity and, ultimately, success.

Check your connections…

A strong and reliable internet connection is an absolute necessity if you are going to be studying online. Much of your course content will be accessed online and your assignments will need to be submitted online. This makes internet access vital to the programme’s completion. Wireless internet is a worthwhile investment if you hope to ensure that your connectivity isn’t going to let you down.

Have a study space and stick to it

This means no couch or bed studying… By setting up a designated study area, it will be far easier for you to stick to your study routine. You will also be less inclined to become distracted and turn on the TV, or take a nap. Ensure that you have a comfortable chair, as this will help to make those long periods spent sitting and studying far more bearable!

Let us get you started on your online learning journey!

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