A Progression of Public Relations

A Progression of PR

A part of history

Did you know that PR has been around for thousands of years? The first recorded example of Public Relations happened in 50 B.C. Julius Caesar decided to publish his military plans in a campaign biography. This was to sway the Romans into believing that he was the most suitable candidate for the head of state. The rest of course, is history!

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A matter of attention

These days, the purpose of PR still remains the same, as it was in 50 B.C - to capture and retain the attention of the general public. Whether it’s election time, a time of introduction or even crisis, Public Relations is an art that is essential to marketing of people and brands.

Socially speaking

Nowadays, Public Relations extend to multiple channels including social media platforms. The rise of digital has created the need for Public Relations online to manage reputations and compliment content marketing. By studying an IIE Diploma in Public Relations, you could find out even more about the new age of Public Relations.

Same, same but different

Did you know that whether or not you’re a traditional or new age Media Liaison person, the principles involved are still the same? Regardless of the platforms or domain, the same fundamentals of Public Relations will apply. This includes strategies that drive the creation of campaigns and their management.

Going green

Of all the happenings to drive the popularity of Public Relations as an industry, environmental issues of green proportions have made the biggest impact. On American shores in particular, Public Relations have been a tool to raise awareness on the plight faced by the environment. Eco-friendly brands are using Public Relations to voice their stance on the matter, whilst many eco-centric organisations are turning to the industry to make their voices heard.

The more you know, the more you grow

As with any industry, the more you learn, the more knowledgeable you are. This means that you can offer even more to your chosen field. At Varsity College, we offer those with an interest in Public Relations the IIE’s DipPR (Diploma in Public Relations). To learn more about this 3-year programme, why not contact us today, www.varsitycollege.co.za.