5 Skills for software developers

5 skills for software developers

Engineering Diploma in Software? It’s a qualification that’s becoming more and more in demand as digital drives our lives. But what makes a great software developer? From theory to personality, here are a few key skills that come in handy.

A good grounding in theory

Before you can show your skills in the practical arena, you’ll need to get the theory down. In order to write good, high-quality code, you will need to learn the computer programming languages. With an Engineering Diploma in Software, you can ensure that you have a strong foundation of knowledge.

Good team skills

For many companies, IT programming is a department made up of a team of specialists. If you choose to work for a consultancy, you’ll still be part of a group of talented individuals. Whilst you’ll be bringing your own skills to the table, you need to be able to perform your role as an important link in the chain. If you can’t work well with others, you might find it difficult to make friends at work and progress in your career. 


Are you disciplined and can you manage your own output without someone looking over your shoulder? To excel in software development, you must be focused, driven and able to manage a steady stream of feedback. With time as an important currency in the developing world, engineers must work fast and with purpose to get things done. 


Although it’s mostly computer language that you’ll need to master, interpersonal communication is essential too. This is especially true in team environments and for those working in consulting roles. Not only will this help to reach objectives but it will help to achieve them in line with project scope. With timings, client needs and budget driving development, it’s important to communicate the parameters of every job well. This eliminates confusion and potential for conflict. 


Success in development hinges on an ability to innovate. It also means finding the best possible tool for each and every situation. In order to do so, the best developers remain curious so that they can learn about new tools and applications. This might include reading blogs, staying abreast with news and even attending additional courses to learn more skills. It’s also about bouncing ideas off of fellow team members. Knowledge multiplies when it is shared with those around us, so it makes sense to share what we know.

Grow your skills  

If you see yourself in the development sector, you owe it to yourself to pursue the right qualification. At The IIE’s Varsity College, an IIE Diploma in Information Technology in Software Development, you could set you apart. From accreditations to relevant working material, this qualification offers an overview of what this industry entails. It also teaches the skills required to forge a successful career. Want to take life to the next level? Our team of experienced lecturers are waiting to share their wealth of knowledge with you. For more on what this qualification entails, read more here.

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