5 misconceptions a Bachelor of communication degree will set straight

5 misconceptions a Bachelor of communication degree will set straight

Here’s a list of five common misconceptions surrounding the topic of communication and communication studies:

1.    Communication studies is for arty people
It is true that creative thinkers are drawn the degrees such as communications. However you need to be able to think strategically too. Corporate communications requires research, planning and business knowledge.

2.    Communication is one-way system.
By nature communication isn’t only one-way, it’s all about sending and receiving messages and information. Corporate communication includes all exchanges of information and knowledge. This includes human relationships and relationships with organizations.

3.    Studying a degree in communications means you’ll study languages
Communications studies doesn’t involve the study of languages at all. A Bachelor of communication degree comprises of subjects such as communication science, business management, product management, corporate communication and media laws and ethics. You’re also taught to develop problem solving skills, strategic skills and critical thinking.

4.    There are no career opportunities in communications
False! There are many career opportunities in communications and if none of them catch your fancy. There are many other career options where a qualification in communications will benefit you. You could be a:

Sales Representative
Human Resources Manager
Advertising Specialist
Industrial and Labor Relations
Marketing Specialist
Public Researcher
Education Researcher
Publicity Manager
Legislative Assistant
Content Writer

5.    Communications isn’t a recognized degree
A Bachelor of communication, also known as a Bachelor of Arts in Corporate Communication, is not only a recognised degree, it’s an internationally recognised qualification.

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