Four ways technology has changed the modern working world

4 ways technology has changed the modern working world course in communication

You don’t have to take a course in communication to understand that technology has had a major impact on working environments around the world. This is especially true in small to medium businesses that need little more than a few people and technology to run smoothly. Although a communications degree will help give you a much deeper understanding, here are a few ways technology has changed the game.

Less paperwork

Paper, what’s that? Just kidding but isn’t it great that there is a lot less being used today thanks to technology? With the help of digital innovation, most of the admin conducted in the workplace today is paperless. This means a seamless delivery of information without delay or physical sheets to clutter workspaces everywhere. It’s also better for the environment too.

They’re hyper organised

Technology has meant the development of applications and programmes that streamline work processes. This means higher productivity that yields higher profits. These apps also coordinate schedules of several people all at once, making sure that there are no clashes or instances of unavailability. With no one dropping the ball, the delivery of goods and services has been improved as well.

Faster communication

In the past, communication took a little longer because connectivity wasn’t as fast or as dependable as it is now. With many working professionals having access to connectivity at all times, the line of working hours has become a little blurred. Now, people can answer emails at any time whether they are or aren’t in the office. Getting a response to emails is also quite rapid too.

The office is no longer just a physical place

Working remotely is only possible thanks to developments in technology. Now, people don’t have to be at their desks to access servers and share important documentation. This is great for those who travel a lot, freelance or even need to work from home to meet family commitments. It also means that there’s less downtime, so productivity can stay high.

Time is less of a hinderance

Through seamless connectivity and communications, time zone changes are less daunting and “8-5” doesn’t feel as limited anymore. With every task and process being carried out at a faster rate, thanks to technology, businesses aren’t as fearful of passing time as they used to be. Sure, time is still a factor with regards to deadlines but more can be done in fewer hours these days.

How prepared are you for the modern corporate world?

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