Four things that we can learn from teachers

We can learn more in a classroom than just the subjects that our educators teach us. It’s one of many reasons why more people are choosing to study intermediate or foundation phase teaching. Impacting the lives of others comes standard with a degree like this one, making the true value of a teacher simply priceless. As a result, more and more young people appear to be taking up this profession that allows them to make a tangible difference to the nation.

Whether you’re in the middle of a foundation phase teaching degree or still deciding which path you’d like to follow, it’s important to remember that learning transcends textbooks. We share this sentiment at The IIE’s Varsity College, which is why our lecturers are experts in their fields. This makes for working world insights that you just don’t find in programme materials. What can we learn from our greatest teachers? There are many lessons but here are four that stand out.

Hard work will always pay off

We’ve all heard the saying that states that our dreams don’t work unless we do. Today’s educators know full well that no amount of talent can ever make up for a poor work ethic. In every life scenario, we meet those who are truly gifted but waste their abilities due to sheer laziness. The truth is, there’s just no substitute for hard work. If we want something, we need to be prepared to work twice as hard as our desire to achieve the final outcome.

We should never fear mistakes, just as long as we learn from them

If you are prepared to learn from every mistake, there’s zero reason to be afraid of making them. The most influential teachers are the ones who show us that mistakes are the best ways to learn. Plus, they’re human nature, meaning that no one is exempt from them. With these experiences showing us to be humble, we often learn the most about ourselves in situations where things didn’t quite work out the way we’d hoped. This also shows us that change is inevitable and we shouldn’t be scared of that either.

You have the power to become absolutely anything you want

The best educators are the ones who encourage us to go boldly towards our dreams and passions. Every teacher was once a student with aspirations. This places them in the perfect position to inspire the students in their classroom. As a result, this puts teachers in an influential position where they can motivate the young minds that sit before them. Many of us will go on to choose a profession based on our love for a subject taught by our favourite teacher. Thanks to the love instilled in us, we’re able to fulfil our goals and find our purpose. No matter how high we aim, our teachers always tell us that we can achieve whatever we wish. What could be more beautiful and more purposeful than that?

In the end, it all comes down to you

Teachers also help us learn that our greatest obstacle standing in the way of our success is often ourselves. They also show us that our very destiny is in our own hands. This is both a frightening and inspiring thought. Once we accept that we can steer our ship in the direction that we choose for ourselves, we are able to enjoy a future that we’ve always wanted. The same can be said for the qualifications we decide to pursue. Once we know the path we’d like to follow, choosing a degree is suddenly not as tough a choice after all. If you’re interested in the IIE Bachelor of Education in Foundation Phase Teaching, please click here.

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