4 Reasons To Study A Law Degree

law degree

How do you go about choosing your field of study? Some do this based on their favourite subjects, what they’re good at and even their childhood dreams. When it comes to a law degree, however, there are often several reasons why students give this qualification the green light.

We’ve come up with four reasons why you might want to study a law degree.

Money talks

Yes, we know this one is stating the obvious. Some students opt for a Bachelor of Commerce in Law so that they can bring home the bacon. From becoming a partner at a law firm to an advocate or even a judge, there are several high paying positions to be held within the legal profession. This is a big drawcard for those who have the potential to make their mark in the industry and increase their earnings along the way.

Challenge your mind

By pursuing a legal degree, you’ll be able to work in a profession that stimulates your intellect. As a broad career choice, law really is a field where you never stop learning. Whether it be new precedents or case studies, there is always more knowledge to take in. This line of work also puts you in a position to engage with others, making for interesting exchanges of knowledge. If you consider court appearances, healthy debates and even consulting with clients, law is mentally challenging and some prefer it that way.

Make a difference

As part of its wide scope of opportunities, law provides a feel-good aspect too. Whether it’s changing the lives of clients or contesting the social climate in the country, a law degree gives you a platform to do something that helps others and makes a difference. This means you could choose to play an idealistic role and be part of something bigger than just your own career.

There’s a lot of networking involved

Studying law means agreeing to put yourself out there. It also means being open to potential and meeting interesting people. From court appearances to social events with fellow professionals, there are several functions that will need to be attended. This is a good way to build your own network of contacts that might need to be called on later in the game. This is especially important when you’re starting out because many legal specialists and directors at firms attend such events. Whether you’re engaging at a high level with board executives or picking up new clients, it’s the perfect opportunity to make a great first impression. As much as it might seem daunting, you never know who you might meet and what that could lead to.

Whatever your reasons, make choices that help you take life to the next level.

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