4 reasons to get a BCom Honours

4 reasons to get a BCom Honours

These days, a degree alone isn’t always enough to get you ahead of the competition in a saturated job market. A BCom Honours is a wise choice for those who are just about to complete their BCom degree as well as those looking to add to their completed BCom qualification. Here are several more reasons why it might just be a great choice for you:

Even more expertise

An evolving industry means an increased set of demands. With The IIE Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Management at The IIE’s Varsity College, you could add to your existing expertise, gaining a deeper understanding of what you learned during your BCom degree studies.

A taste of contemporary business contexts

Studying toward a BCom Honours enables you to gain experience and an understanding of modern-day business, and how you would use your knowledge and skills to positively impact the industry. Modern day management within the business context demands a different approach.

Hone your leadership skills

Effective leadership is a major influencer in separating the go-getters from the rest. An Honours programme develops leadership skills beyond what is taught in a bachelor’s Degree. This means that you would become an immediate asset to your future company, or even a force to be reckoned with should you start your own.

Modern methods for modern success

Let’s face it - business has evolved. This means that methods for conducting operations have changed as well. With an Honours in BCom Management, you could be up to date with cutting-edge management competencies that would give you the extra edge.

Get a qualification that counts

In the world of Honours Degrees, not all are created equal. It’s why you should always ensure that you select a qualification that gives you the best possible chance at success. Varsity College is a brand of The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE), a provider of private higher education that’s accredited by the British Accreditation council. For more on The IIE Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Management, please visit, www.varsitycollege.co.za.

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