4 Reasons to do a Diploma in information technology

4 Reasons to do a Diploma in information technology

If you’re creative and enjoy working with cutting edge technology, then doing a Diploma in information technology is a great idea.

Recently, information technology has been ranked as one of the best careers by careercast.com. There are several reasons why, but as a new graduate you will be in high demand and can get a good starting salary. Here are four other good reasons to pursue this qualification:

  1. The work environment
    The work environment is flexible, with many opportunities for working from home or at times that are convenient for you.
  2. Your colleagues
    The field is a very creative, so naturally, the people you work with will also be like-minded. The field is also somewhat trial-and-error based, so a great attitude is required to do the job.
  3. You can be creative
    The job is not all about sitting behind a keyboard and typing out lines of code. A large part of it is solving problems with creative solutions – taking things apart and rebuilding them.
  4. You are allowed to fail
    This may sound like an odd perk, but it allows you to work out problems. You’ll be doing puzzle work and naturally with that will come a few snags which only let you get stuck into it again.

A Diploma in information technology may also open up many other career paths. These include Software Development, Computer System Analysis, Computer Programming Database Information System Support, Web Development and Project Management. We provide tuition support for a Diploma in information technology.

The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE) Diploma In Information Technology In Software Development (DipITSofD) is conferred at Varsity College campuses. In addition, Varsity College offers tuition support for qualifications conferred by the IMM Graduate Institute of Marketing (IMM GSM) and has academic partnerships with international institutions such as The Open University (OU) from United Kingdom and International College of Hotel Management (ICHM).

If you’re interested in a Diploma in information technology, or if you’d like to inquire about other programmes available to you, contact us on www.varsitycollege.co.za.

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