4 Lessons For Aspiring Leaders

4 Lessons for Aspiring Leaders BCom

Leadership is a word that tends to overwhelm many of us. This is because of the pressures associated with being a leader and leading well. If you’re studying a BCom because you want the right blend of strategic management and business skills to lead an organisation one day, you’re already on the right track. Teaching and learning at The IIE’s Varsity College is firmly focussed and #NewWorldThinking fosters problem solving and critical thinking with every degree and qualification. As a result, graduates leave equipped with the credentials and skill sets that most employers are looking for.

The IIE BCom degree offers students far more than just business management theory, it challenges them to approach their chosen field with a fresh perspective in the hopes that one day, they might change the world. Until then, we’ve got a few lessons on leadership for those who are destined for greatness.

Lesson 1: Whether you lead 10 or 10 000, you still have the same amount of responsibility

Being a leader does not depend on how many people follow you, it depends on how well you can motivate, inspire and guide those working with you, be it a team of 10 or 10 000.

Lesson 2: Things always have a funny way of working themselves out

Everyone has to start somewhere and even if you might be unsure of your current situation, whatever is meant to happen always will. With exams, friends, business and beyond, life has a strange way of resolving everything. This is hard for many leaders to accept because they like to be in control of every aspect of their lives and the companies that they lead. It’s important to remember that we cannot control everything on our path. What we can control though is how we respond to changes and challenges in our path. If you are confident in yourself and your skills, even the toughest challenges will work themselves out.

Lesson 3: Any experience is good experience

We all prefer favourable outcomes but we tend to learn the most from the situations in which we fall short. With this in mind, it’s vital that every aspiring leader learns to acknowledge that every experience they have is one that leaves them better off. Through an approach like this one, they’ll be more positive in the face of setbacks and inspire more employees along the way. They’ll also be able to take key learnings away from the worst times of their careers and prevent the same from happening again.

Lesson 4: Believe in yourself no matter what

It’s impossible to be right all the time but no great leader can start off strong by doubting their choices and abilities. Having true conviction is important because it helps you believe in yourself and what you are trying to achieve. It also helps get you the support and respect from those that you lead. You might not always be popular for the decisions that you make in the workplace but at least people can respect you for acting with complete conviction. If you don’t back yourself, who will?

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