Four Honours Degree Myths

4 honours degree myths

Should you get an Honours Degree and do you need one? You might have been asked the same questions by your parents. It's okay, you're not alone on that. Many third year students find themselves pondering over whether or not they should go after that BCom or BA Honours.

Often, post-graduate degrees like a BA Honours are surrounded by a few myths. We're here to set the record straight. 

1) Myth: "I don't need one"

Completing an undergraduate degree is a huge achievement but in today's job market, it's never something to rest on. With increased competition for placements, finding employment can be incredibly tough. This means that candidates need every extra edge that they can get. Enter the Honours Degree, the next step up for those who want to stand out. Whilst you don't have to have one, it'll definitely help you. It will also make you more specialised in your chosen field.

2) Myth: They're notoriously hard to get

After completing their first degree, many are left feeling like they'd rather not study further. It's okay to take a bit of a break, but believe us when we say it'll only make it tougher to get going again. It's a common misconception that an Honours Degree is ridiculously tough to get. Whilst it's no walk in the park, it's totally possible with the right personal dedication and academic support from the lecturers at The IIE's Varsity College. 

3) Myth: You can only do one full-time

Time is a huge factor that influences whether or not people decide to study further. After a minimum of three years for an undergraduate degree, some people are put off the idea of investing more time into studying. Others are even so eager to join the ranks of the working world that they shrug off taking up the challenge of an Honours. Although you'd be forgiven for thinking that an Honours is so time-consuming that you can't work and study simultaneously, this really isn't the case. Nowadays, graduates can enjoy the flexibility that comes with choosing between part and full-time Honours Degrees. At The IIE's Varsity College, we offer both modes of study so the choice is yours.

4) Myth: Modern-day employers don't value them 

Yes, every employer is looking for something different in the candidates that they hire but make no mistake, there are a few common threads. Qualifications are always the first point of evaluation so the more qualified you are, the more attractive you become as a prospect. This makes an Honours a good way to ensure that you get noticed. Where specialisation is concerned, an Honours will help take your knowledge and understanding up a notch, making you an asset to the company who hires you. Getting a post-graduate degree also shows your dedication and commitment to furthering yourself. Both of these things are serious pluses in the eyes of employers. 

Get to the next level

At The IIE's Varsity College, we believe that you owe it to yourself to go further. Whether it's further with your studies or further with your passions, we know you'll excel at both. It's why you can study a variety of IIE Honours Degree with us that'll help you stand out. To get the low down on the IIE Bachelor of Arts Honours in Communications, at The IIE's Varsity College please click here. You can also learn how to ace that BA Honours Degree here.

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