4 career paths with a Bachelor of Arts

4 career paths with a Bachelor of Arts

You don’t have to study a bachelor of arts in media to work in media.

When it comes to an art degree, you’d be mistaken for thinking it limits your career options. In reality, it couldn’t be further from the truth. The IIE Bachelor of Arts with a core discipline in English and Communication Science is an example of a qualification that could open doors to a host of career opportunities. In case you’re a little unsure of what these options might be, here are four career paths you could venture down with a BA…

Social Media

As one of the newest and fastest growing professions, social media specialists are in demand and thriving. This is because a host of big brands are relying on social media to engage with their audiences, build loyalty and boost sales. This makes social media specialists, content creators and community managers an important resource for brands looking to improve their credibility online.


Whilst many mistake this for intellectual property law, it’s actually creative writing for multiple platforms. From print to radio and even digital spheres like websites, copywriters are in demand. So, if you’re thinking about a bachelor of arts in media and have a knack for creative writing, applying for The IIE’s Bachelor of Arts with English and Communication Science as a core discipline might be the first step you need to take towards becoming an award-winning copywriter.


As one of the older professions that you could pursue with a BA, it should be known that South Africa is always in need of talented journalists. Should you have a real passion for breaking news stories, you could be the one who writes, edits or even reads them with The IIE BA.

Communications Consulting

With a degree in Communication Science, you could find yourself helping a string of brands and companies improve their brand or organisational communications. Your area of expertise depends on your interests, but with communications fast becoming the most sought-after skill in the corporate world, being able to help a company improve theirs is something special.

It starts with the right qualification…

Every student wants a bright future, but this often depends on the kind of qualification they pursue. The IIE offers accredited qualifications through Varsity College so students can put their best foot forward. For more on The IIE qualifications, please visit our website, www.varsitycollege.co.za.

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