Three tips to turn failure into triumph

3 Tips To Turn Failure Into Triumph Bachelor of Arts Honours

Whether you’ve chosen a qualification like a BCom degree or a Bachelor of Arts Honours, there’s no career that’s exempt from life’s curve balls. That’s okay, what matters most is how well you’re able to deal with them.

An IIE Bachelor of Arts Honours in Communication degree will teach you the importance of a great communication strategy but it’s important to have a game plan for those trying times as well. It’s a given that not everything can go according to plan where your career or life is concerned. This makes a positive mindset a key asset in turning setbacks into comebacks.

From your character to your mindset and even facing those fears, here’s how you might be able to turn a failure into triumph.

Tip 1: Your mind determines all

Whether you tell yourself that you can or can’t, you’re right. The greatest tool that we have to change our lives are our minds. Often, the way we think will determine how well we do or don’t do. Don’t let your perceptions and preconceived ideas limit you. Take lectures for example, if you tell yourself that it’s going to be boring then you’ll probably be bored. If you see it as an opportunity to expand your knowledge, then you will learn. Another example is delaying studying a communication studies degree because you’re afraid that you might not pass all of your modules the first time around. If you’ve already told yourself that you’re going to fail, then you’ve already made up your mind. Don’t sell yourself short. By making every thought a positive and productive one, you’ll be able to improve your skills and your opportunities.

Tip 2: Fight the fear

Feeling fear doesn’t make you weak, it makes you human. It’s fearing what caused you to fail that can really set you back. There’s a fair amount of risk associated with many decisions, so it’s important to remember that without them, there can be no rewards. Is remaining in your comfort zone to avoid risk worth settling for a mediocre life? Let that one sink in. You’ll soon see that fear isn’t conducive to the next-level career you’ve always dreamed of.

Tip 3: Character will take you a lot further than talent will

Whilst we’ve all got a few talents that make us stand out, it’s a given that we will encounter others who can also do what we can. For example, your degree might have given you an exceptional understanding of communications but there will be fellow students from your class who might have the same knowledge as you. If you’re competing for a certain job, you should know that character always wins, especially with Human Resources managers. Many organisations tend to choose final candidates based on their personalities and how well they would gel with fellow employees. Our advice is to get a degree that suits your passions and goals but don’t get so fixated on your qualification that you forget to nurture your character.

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