Which Teaching Degree Is Right For Me?

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If you’ve felt a calling to become a teacher, you’ve probably been weighing up the options that come with various qualifications like a senior teaching degree. From foundation to intermediate and even senior phase teaching, it’s a decision that depends on your unique interests and personality. Here are the phases and what you need to know for each one.

Foundation Phase Teaching

Foundation Phase Teaching

This phase encompasses grades R to 3. During this time, children learn manners, ethics and the fundamentals important for later learning. If you are someone who enjoys little ones, their quirks and challenges, this is certainly for you. Although be warned, it is definitely more hands-on as the children need more assistance than the older grades that make up Senior Secondary teaching. This means it can be a lot more practical and for some, it is a far more tiring option. Don’t be discouraged though, if it is what you are passionate about then go for it. The education world needs more foundation phase teachers with the right blend of passion, patience and determination.

Intermediate Phase Teaching

Intermediate Phase Teaching

The next stage up from foundation phase teaching is intermediate phase. This spans across grades 4 to 6. Here, the focus is placed firmly on academics and the skills that drive the grasping of key learning concepts and subjects. These include languages, numerical skills like Mathematics and even subjects like geography and art. Although these mark the start of more advanced academics, they are an important part of any student’s school career as it is here that strengths and weaknesses are identified. Thereafter, learners are encouraged or assisted where necessary.

Senior Phase Teaching

Senior Phase Teaching

Studying a degree in this phase will qualify you to teach students in grade 7, all the way up to matric. This level of teaching allows educators to focus on a particular subject that they would like to specialise in. For example, a teacher might choose accounting, mathematics, sciences or languages.

How will you make the decision?

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Although it’s a big choice to make, it certainly isn’t one that has to be made alone. At The IIE’s Varsity College, we’re dedicated to keeping you informed on the different avenues when it comes to teaching. For starters, there are our student interviews that let us get to know you one-on-one. During this meeting, we get to find out about your interests and goals. Thereafter, we’re able to take you through your options so that you can select the IIE teaching degree that guides you towards the career you’ve always dreamed of. Our classes are also smaller which means additional academic assistance and attention when you need it most. This lets you achieve great results that get you noticed.

New world thinking changes lives

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Our focus on thinking skills for a new world of work will strengthen your problem solving and critical thinking. You’ll be changing lives in the classroom and on your own in no time. To learn more about the IIE Bachelor of Education in Intermediate Phase Teaching, please visit The IIE's Varsity College now.

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