Varsity College Waterfall Alumna’s Innovative Ideas Recognised

The IIE’s Varsity College Waterfall alumna bags second place at the Rand Mutual Assurance (RMA) Graduate Innovation Awards.

The Rand Mutual Assurance (RMA) Graduate Innovation Awards handed second place to Otsile Lefete, an alumna of IIE’s Varsity College Waterfall with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Strategic Management and an internship at strategic and business integration.

The prestigious award recognises exceptional ideas and proposals that contribute to the growth and development of the organisation.

It also appreciates and acknowledges noteworthy companies, employees and initiatives that have demonstrated exceptional innovation and excellence in the field of prevention, which includes occupational health, safety and wellness.

Lefete, who graduated in 2022, submitted a proposal focused on addressing a crucial gap in the way RMA views and services its clients.

Through her yearlong journey at RMA, she identified a disintegrated view of clients due to the aggregation of client data, reactive servicing, and the existence of multiple client-facing systems.

To bridge this gap, Lefete proposed the implementation of a customer relationship management system as a cross-functional strategic management approach, utilising information technology to enhance the customer experience.

The proposal not only addressed the identified gap but also aligned with RMA’s strategic vision of becoming a business of significance.

Lefete said studying at the college equipped her with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in her career.

“The applied learning and critical thinking styles emphasised during my IIE Bachelor of Commerce in Strategic Management degree allowed me to think innovatively and apply my knowledge to real-world scenarios,” she explained.

“Modules such as knowledge management and research provided a strong foundation for crafting the proposal, which enabled me to leverage client intelligence for proactive servicing and to build solid stakeholder relationships that drive business continuity.”

Participating in activities outside of academics while completing her degree also helped strengthen some of her practical skills.Participating in activities outside of academics while completing her degree also helped strengthen some of her practical skills.

These included being a VC Voice School of Management Representative helped her gain leadership and mass communication skills and being a Writing Centre consultant, which taught her how to teach others academic writing skills, referencing and time management.

Lefete’s award is a testament to the quality education and practical skills gained through their studies at college.

Her success serves as an inspiration to current and future students, demonstrating the impact that a well-rounded education can have on one’s career.