IIE B.Ed Graduate’s Story of Triumph


Mckayler Lorimer’s (Grade R Teacher at Irene Primary School and Alumna IIE Bachelor of Education in Foundation Phase Teaching The IIE’s Varsity College Waterfall) dedication to her learners and commitment to providing a nurturing learning environment inspires.

Says Mckayler, who passed her degree with distinction despite her grappling with dyslexia and whose biggest dream is to open her own Primary School one day: “I became a teacher to contribute to the learning environment. I aim to build each learner within the school and leverage their experience as a foundation for future professional endeavours. I do not see learners as numbers, but as individuals with unique strengths and I want to grow their strengths by being their leader in the classroom”.

Since schools opened on 17 January 2024, Mckayler has shown exceptional dedication and commitment towards providing quality education to the learners. With an innate passion for teaching, she applies modern teaching methodologies, making learning engaging and interactive for students.

“The practical knowledge acquired during my studies at The IIE’s Varsity College Waterfall has so far proven to be invaluable as I apply it in a tangible manner within my inaugural Grade R classroom. While the inherent challenges of the first day were indeed overwhelming, the gratification derived from the role is unparalleled. Witnessing the genuine joy on the faces of the learners every time they step into my classroom underscores the significance and reward inherent in the teaching profession. This initial experience served as a testament to the fusion of academic preparation and practical application, reinforcing my commitment to fostering a positive and engaging learning environment”, added Mckayler.

“The IIE’s Varsity College’s School of Education team makes every effort to ensure that the students studying initial teacher education programmes are mentored, supported and provided with every opportunity to engage within the broader educational practice. Beginner teachers are exposed to various contexts of schools to overcome challenges and they are prepared for the world of work through a range of workshops. These workshops include interview skills, creating a Curriculum Vitae (CV), assisting with guidelines on registration with the South African Council of Educators (SACE) and last but not least sparking their creative thinking by exploring the making of teaching resources for when they secure a placement as a teacher at a school”, said Sumayya Khan (Head of Education The IIE’s Varsity College Waterfall).