10 Reasons You Should Be Proud To Study Teaching.

Teaching is a profession reserved for those with passion and it’s definitely one of those jobs that demand respect. Whether you’re studying early childhood education, or are interested in the intermediate phase of teaching, there are several reasons to be proud of this line of study.

It’s easy to get defensive when some might criticise the long holidays teachers get, but instead of being defensive, we choose to take a positive approach and share all of the incredible reasons to take up a position in the classroom.

To all the aspiring teachers out there and to the ones already changing lives through early childhood education, this one is for you! Here’s why you can all be proud.

You will make a difference daily

Unless you’re a doctor, the chances are that your day-to-day work tasks won’t allow you to make as great of an impact as teachers do. Thanks to the power of learning, educators have tremendous power to change the lives and futures of others. If this isn’t the coolest career perk ever, then we don’t know what is.

You can play a role in the future

Alongside making a difference, teachers can play an instrumental part in the futures of every child who sets foot in their classroom. Even the brightest minds started somewhere. They all went to school and were taught by educators. Let that sink in.

You can learn as much from your students as they do from you

No matter the age of your learners, there’s always something new to take from them. Whether it’s determination or never taking yourself too seriously, the classroom environment is a place where everyone can learn. This includes learning more about yourself too.

You will work on your virtues

From patience to kindness and even humility, the list of virtues that you will gain from being a teacher are endless. It’s a journey that you take with your students and one that will change you as a person.

You will discover strengths you didn’t know you had

Along your path, the growth that you experience will bring out the best in you. Where your weaknesses are highlighted, you’ll be able to work on yourself until you are able to overcome them.

You can inspire others to become teachers

Most people think that teachers only inspire their learners. The truth is, they can go on to inspire fellow teachers or people who aspire to join the field. In doing this, there will be more and more qualified teachers for children to learn from. This is especially important in areas where teachers are in short supply.

Get a degree you can be proud of

If you’re going to answer the call to teach, you’ll need a qualification that prepares you for the industry and the world at large. If you’d like to know more about The IIE Bachelor of Education in Foundation Phase Teaching at The IIE’s Varsity College, why not visit our website here today?

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