Derek Bestel
Derek Bestel

Derek Bestel

Trainee Software Developer

IIE Diploma in Information Technology Software Development
Durban North
Company: ARB-it

Description of your duties on a daily basis

My daily activities includes learning the language, getting to grips with the system and completing any and all tasks handed out to me.

Why did you choose the qualification you studied?

I have always enjoyed IT and, given Varsity College’s great School of Information Technology, I couldn’t resist.

Is your qualification relevant to your job? If so, did your studies adequately prepare you for your job?

Yes, I am currently excelling in my position due to the knowledge I gained during my studies; VC prepared me well.

What is your greatest achievement to date career wise?

Definitely obtaining this position is a dream come true.

What are your future career plans?

I plan to go all the way to the top of my field but first intend to pursue further studies.

How has the Career Centre assisted you while you were at Varsity College and / or as a graduate?

The Career Centre Coordinator helped me so much, she guided me in interview preparations, structuring my CV and narrowing down the fields I wanted to work in.

What was the one thing that stood out the most for you about Varsity College?

Everyone at Varsity College including the staff and the Career Centre made sure that you were prepared for the real world.

What advice could you give to other students who are looking for or about to embark on their first job?

Get your hands dirty, whether you are at Varsity College or searching for a job. Just dig in and always do more than what is asked of you.