Software development course: your ticket to entrepreneurial success


There are a wealth of career options available to you successfully complete the software development course.

Probably among the most exciting of these is the prospect of being your own boss. Think of successful software entrepreneurs like Microsoft’s multi-billionaire founder Bill Gates and South Africa’s very own Mark Shuttleworth.

Shuttleworth’s interest in information systems and innovation saw him earn R3.5 billion at a very young age. This occurred when his start-up company’s Internet security system was bought out by an American communications and networking company. Using the profits from this buy-out, Shuttleworth went on to become the first South African in orbit, and one of the first space tourists in the world.

You could say that Shuttleworth’s entrepreneurial drive took him all the way to the International Space Station. And since returning to earth he has continued to support open source software projects, as well as various innovation and education ventures intended to benefit society at a whole.

The little-known reality about taking a software development course is the versatile abilities that you will develop – not just in terms of computer programming. Comprehensive tertiary courses like those Shuttleworth took encourage the logical thinking and problem solving essential to running your own company. You will be equipped with fundamental skills so that you can successfully manage project and business interactions alike.

There are a vast assortment of software development courses available for high school graduates. Varsity College specifically offers tuition support for a Diploma in Information Technology in Software Development. This is a full-time programme that runs over three years. If you successfully complete the diploma – conferred by private education leaders, The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE) – you will have gained a wealth of theoretical knowledge and practical skills that will help prepare you comprehensively for the job market.

Enquire now about the entry requirements for this software development diploma. This is your chance to take your future in your own hands. Make your mark through the versatility of a software development course