Reasons to study an Honours Degree in 2019

BA Honours

The new year is the perfect opportunity to consider what’s next in when it comes to your education goals. If you’ve completed an undergraduate Bachelor of Arts degree, you might want to consider a BA Honours. With an optimal blend of skills and respected accreditations, there’s never been a better way to keep your opportunities open. Learn how to ace that BA Honours degree.

For starters, a BA Honours is a great way to build on your current skillset. Yes, an undergraduate degree is great for laying a solid foundation, but a post-graduate qualification will take your knowledge to the next level. With a more in-depth approach to your specialisation, you’ll gain an entirely new perspective on your industry. You’ll also strengthen your skills in areas like communication accounts administration and social media communication. By boosting your current abilities, you can add value to the overall offering that you bring to an employer. This will eventually give you a competitive edge over others looking for the same jobs as you.

On the topic of standing out, you’re probably more likely to get an interview if you’ve got an Honours behind you. This is for several reasons. Studying an Honours degree shows that you’re dedicated to your future and as a result, would be just as dedicated to a position that you secured. It also shows that you’re prepared to put in the time and make sacrifices.

Another reason you’re more likely to get noticed by recruiters is because the job market is exceptionally competitive. An additional qualification is a useful tool to get one step ahead of the rest. These days, you can’t rely on a single, undergraduate degree alone. It’s especially true now that many people are choosing to study a degree. This makes an Honours a useful one-up, and a great way to kickstart a successful career.

Many who ventured into the working world after their undergraduate degrees often return to the books. This is because they soon realise the difference that an Honours can make to their careers. It’s no secret that having a post-graduate degree can impact the positions on offer to you, but it can also impact what you get paid as well. Those with an Honours can expect to earn a higher salary than those without one. This makes it both an attractive and necessary undertaking for those debating whether or not they should pursue it.

We’ve all heard the saying, “your dreams don’t work unless you do.” This really reflects the current job market in South Africa. Success is waiting for those who are bold enough to go after what they want. It also belongs to those who aren’t afraid to make sacrifices and put their all into a qualification that can change their lives forever. If you want to make 2019 the year that you take life to the next level, you should consider an IIE BA Honours qualification at The IIE’s Varsity College. For more on an IIE Bachelor of Arts Honours in Communication, please click here.

Varsity College is an educational brand of The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE). South Africa’s leading private higher education provider that’s registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training and accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC).

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