Reasons to choose a Bachelor of Arts Honours in Communication

Reasons to choose a Bachelor of Arts Honours in Communication

If you’ve already got a Bachelor of Arts under your belt, then congratulations! You’re well on your way to your dream career. But did you know that recruiters and top organisations tend to favour those who have an Honours Degree as well? A BA Honours Degree means that you’ll be more than qualified and ready to take on any challenges that a potential job might offer you. In case you need a little more convincing, here are a few more reasons to choose Honours in Communication:

It’ll give you an extra edge

It’s a known fact that the South African job market is very competitive at the moment. This means that you owe it to yourself to ensure that you’ve got the best possible chances of securing a job that you applied for. In order to get to the interview stage, your application and CV are usually screened rather intensely to see if you’re the right fit for the position. More often than not, your qualifications speak volumes to recruiters or HR personnel, so an addition qualification in the form of a BA Honours Degree could mean the difference between you getting the job, and being overlooked.

It’ll add to your knowledge

Of course you’ve already got a host of knowledge gained from your BA Degree, but did you know that an Honours offers a more specialised and in-depth look at the characteristics and skills demanded by your industry?

Strategic thinking on steroids

A core component of A BA in Communications is communication strategy; and how successful strategies positively influence brands and businesses. The command of communication mechanisms will enable graduates to become communication professionals who are equipped to deal with evolving challenges in global, cultural, political and business environments. Since communication is the driving force for innovation and progress, dynamic and professionally sound leadership skills need to be incorporated into the development of communication professionals who will apply these skills to the successful execution of corporate strategies. By getting Communication Honours, you’ll be able to strengthen your abilities to apply communication strategy to any situation or business.

Be an expert in your field

The journey to becoming the expert in your field starts with a hunger for learning. By always learning more, you have the ability to grow and share this knowledge with everyone around you. A solid foundation of knowledge means nothing if it’s left to stagnate, so keep your mind fresh with new ideas and new information that will help you grow from strength to strength.

Get the career you deserve

If you’d like to give yourself the best possible chance at career success, The IIE’s Bachelor of Arts Honours in Communication could be just what you’re looking for. Learn how to ace that BA honours degree. To find out more about this programme and what Varsity College can offer you, please visit our website today,