Exciting careers with a BA degree

Exciting careers with a BA degree

For those who think a BA Degree might not yield many career opportunities, we have some excellent news for you! A BA Degree opens up many exciting and fulfilling career paths for those who pursue this line of study. It’s the versatile, broad-based degree that gives you a choice of majors for the career you’ve always dreamed of. Here are a few of the jobs you could find yourself in:


If you’ve got a knack for general knowledge and the latest news stories, you could find yourself reporting them. An art degree is perfect for those looking to get into the journalism field as it gives you great grounding in English and Communications. From television to radio, newspapers and publications, your choice of which kind of journalism is totally up to you. Choosing this programme is easy, it’s deciding on whom you’d like to work for that makes things a little tougher…


Peanut butter and jam, communications and corporates, some things just go better together. With a focus on Communication Science, you could become a hot shot at one of the country’s most prestigious companies. With communications becoming the key tool for business success in the 21st century, you could make yourself indispensible when you study at university.


Fancy a career in advertising? This fast-paced world revolves around creative copywriters who can generate content for all types of platforms and mediums. If writing is your talent, then what are you waiting for? The advertising world needs you!


From traditional to digital, the media realm relies on people who have great communication skills. Getting a message to mass audiences depends on how well you understand the medium used and the audience at hand. Try your hand at print advertising, broadcasting or even social media management. You could pursue any of these careers with a Bachelor of Arts!

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