Common emotions when looking for your first job

Bachelor of Arts degree

Once you’ve completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology, chances are that you’ll be looking to secure that first job. It’s a time filled with many emotions, all of which are part of the process. What you can expect will vary from person to person, and you should know that these feelings are completely normal.

Whilst you don’t need a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology to analyse these emotions, it does help to know what they are so that you can be aware of them. Here’s what you can expect during the job hunt.

A little overwhelmed

You know this feeling because you’ve felt it before whilst prepping for your exams and guess what, you aced them. You can address this one by tackling your job search like it’s an actual job. Have a daily routine of searching for jobs, work on your CV with focus and make sure that you’re on the look-out for any information that could be of use to you in an interview. This includes articles in the news or online about the industry or businesses you’re interested in.

That all-encompassing fear

We understand that looking for a job can be a scary experience that makes you fear all sorts of things. Whether you worry about not finding a job, losing out on one or messing up in an interview, you should know that you’re not alone. Most people fear the process of looking for a job for a host of reasons. As you attend more interviews you confidence will grow and the fear will evaporate. Be sure to celebrate the little victories like hearing back from a recruiter or making it to the second round of interviews.

Attachment to the job you don’t have… yet

If only majoring in Communication Science and Psychology could better equip us to deal with these kinds of situations but this sadly isn’t the case. More often than not, this is what hurts us more than the word “no”. By creating the fantasy of what it would be like to have that particular job, we unintentionally set ourselves up for disappointment if we don’t get it. Make sure that you leave yourself open to other opportunities which could turn out to be even better than what you thought was your dream job.

Rejection when you didn’t get it

This is the hardest emotion yet but the truth is that we all have to deal with it at one time or another. You need to persevere because a job search is a series and seldom a single episode. Yes, it’s okay to feel a sense of loss when you didn’t get that job you had your heart set on, but you should also know that success is closer than you think. It’s going to happen for you, keep going.

Dream it and make it yours

If you’ve got goals, the right qualification can help you pursue and reach them. At The IIE’s Varsity College, an IIE Bachelor of Arts degree is your first step towards a career in psychology, which could open the doors to the career of your dreams. For more about us and this degree, head on over to our website here.

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