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      Special Assessments (Examinations and Resubmissions)
      Section 16 in IIE 009

      • Special examinations are for undergraduate students who have only two modules outstanding preventing them from graduating.
      • All special examinations take place in the third sitting.
      • An application for a special assessment must be lodged by the student on the Student Hub.
      • If the application has been made less than 5 working days before the assessment is to be written and the application has not yet been approved, or no application was made, the following may apply (depending on the circumstances):
        1. If a paper and invigilator is available, the student will be permitted to write, and the marking of the special examination will be delayed until the eligibility of the student has been confirmed.
        2. If a paper and invigilator are not available an alternate date (which is probably the next sitting) will be provided once the eligibility of the student has been confirmed.
        3. If an invigilator is available but not a paper a copy can be made for the student, but the start of the examination will be delayed for that student and additional time will be provided to the student. The marking of the paper will be delayed until the eligibility of the student has been confirmed.

      Students with only two modules outstanding for graduation may, if they have attempted these modules before and not succeeded for any reason, qualify for the special examination.

      Where a student fails to attend the special examination sitting (for any reason whatsoever), they forfeit the opportunity to graduate in the next cycle and will have to repeat the module or register for the special examination again in the next cycle of examination sittings. The only exception applies to modules that are being phased out and will not be available again – in this case the discontinuation provisions apply.

      A mark cap of 50% applies for the examination result and becomes the final mark replacing the CASS contribution.

      Students who write their supplementary examination in the third sitting will not be afforded a special examination in the same academic year as there are no more than three examination sittings per module.

      Students are not required to write the special examination in the year in which they registered for it and may apply to write the special examination in any year within the maximum completion time of the qualification. If the student has exceeded maximum completion time an application needs to be made to write the special examination, under the provisions of the Credit Accumulation and Transfer, Recognition of Prior Learning and Qualification Completion Policy (IIE010).

      If the curriculum or learning material has changed, the onus is on the student to master the new content or to elect to repeat the module. The onus is on the student to find out what changes, if any, have been made.If the summative assessment for the module concerned is a portfolio or other form of assessment not completed under examination conditions, the special examination is a resubmission of the work required at a date communicated by the site, which should not be more than two weeks after the application for the special examination is submitted.

      If a student fails the special examination they are required to re-register for the module unless it has been discontinued, in which case, those provisions apply.

      Discontinuation Examinations
      Section 17 in IIE 009

      • As students are entitled to one additional opportunity to complete any module or year of study beyond the last year in which an ordinary intake is registered (where the module or qualification is being phased out), provision is made for a final, additional discontinuation examination. A booster workshop needs to be provided. If the summative is a portfolio of evidence or similar, students can resubmit. However, the mark for this examination is capped at 50% and becomes the final mark for the module and replaces the CASS contribution. An application for a discontinuation examination must be lodged by the student on the Student Hub.
      • Special/Discontinuation Exam – R 500
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