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      The IIE009 Assessment Policy refers:
      Section 25.2 in IIE009

      • Students have five working days to appeal a declined decision.
      • Students must log an assessment appeal on the Student Hub and must include the CASE number of the original replacement assessment application, now being appealed. Appeals without reference to the previous case number may not be considered.
      • The onus is on the student to ensure that the details of the appeal are accurate.
      • Only the full documentation attached to the original application will be considered. No additional documentation will be considered.
      • No appeal can be lodged as a first application without an application for replacement assessment having been declined.
      • The outcome of the appeal will be communicated via the student IIE Connect email address.
      • Students will receive a response no more than 10 working days after lodging this appeal.
      • There is no appeal on a declined appeal and no additional information will be considered.

      Unfair Assessment Process Allegations
      Section 34.1.1 in IIE 009

      • An appeal alleging an unfair assessment process can be lodged on the Student Hub within five working days of that assessment being undertaken
      • The result of the appeal will be given to the student within five working days and could include the assessment being conducted afresh for the whole group, for the student alone, or the appeal being overturned resulting in the marking and release of the assessment result in the normal course of events.

      Request for Re-mark
      Section 34.1.2 in IIE 009

      • Students may apply for a re-mark on the Student Hub within 20 working days of the result being released or within five working days of having viewed the paper. Late applications will not be accepted.
      • If the remark result means a student qualifies for a supplementary exam, the student can write it in the next scheduled assessment opportunity for that module.
      • In a case of group work, all members of the group must agree to request the re-mark.
      • The result of the second mark will stand – whether or not it is higher or lower than the original mark, and no second re-mark on a single assessment is permitted.
      • The assessment will be remarked by a different marker selected by campus.
      • A remark report will be made available indicating where marks were lost or gained.
      • A fee is charged for remarking, and the outcome of the remark will not be communicated to unless the fee is paid.

      Access to Examination Papers
      Section 34.2 in IIE 009

      • A student can gain access to his/ her final examination paper (but not the memorandum) for 20 working days after the release of results:
        1. Only when the moderation process is complete; and
        2. Only if the application is made on the Student Hub
      • A student will have access to only his/ her paper:
        1. Only with prior appointment with the relevant campus administrator and only within the period normally allowed for a remark request
        2. The student may only look at the paper in the company of a staff member and may not, under any circumstances, copy the paper but may make notes for learning purposes
        3. Only have a half hour to look at the paper
      • If a marking mistake is picked up, the mistake should be pointed out to the Campus Administrator, who will either have the mark adjusted if it is an adding error, or remarked if the error is not a mathematical one.
      • If the mark is still in dispute, the student may request a remark within five workings days of the viewing in accordance with the rules stipulated above.

      Assessment Results

      • This category of appeal is available to students who would like to appeal an assessment result achieved.

      Denied Concession

      • This category of appeal applies to any concession under 10.2. For any concession that is denied – students may apply on the Student Hub under the category - Denied Concession
      • Remark – R 250
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