A vibrant social life is central to a full, balanced student experience… helping you build the networking skills integral to future career success.

While some may view the social aspect as little more than a distraction from the business of studying, at Varsity College we believe that time spent with friends and fellow students outside the lecture room is integral to personal development.

It provides the opportunity to learn a whole range of skills that are essential for life in the working world, where success is defined as much by your ability to communicate, interact and maintain healthy relationships as it is by your knowledge.

On-campus social events every week

Varsity College is unique in formalizing large-scale social events on every campus through the work of a full-time PR and Events coordinator and elected Student Liaison Body (SLB). 

Meridian Hour is a weekly event that brings new experiences directly to students on-campus. It’s fun and because it’s on campus, students don’t even have to worry about transport.


Orientation week
VC Fashion Show
Mr & Miss VC
Battle of the bands
VC Ball
Year-end bash
Poetry readings
Wine tasting
Quiz evenings
Cooking demonstrations
VC talent show
Party bus
Sunset cruise
Eating competitions

We also encourage students to initiate and run societies and cultural groups. Many such groups – including book clubs, drama groups, poetry sessions, and musical appreciation evenings – run very successfully on campus.

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