The IIE Varsity College’s Scholarship Programme is the largest of its kind in South Africa. 180 top performing learners – South Africa’s future leaders and thinkers – will receive an Academic Scholarship for 2023 undergraduate studies at any of its 8 campuses nationally. The Scholarship Programme will also provide an opportunity for learners to access quality Private Higher education, which might otherwise be unaffordable. Through the Scholarship Programme, learners will be equipped with the skills and means to thrive with an education by design – to go from smart to smarter.

For further information and important details for your final application, click here to download the Scholarship Programme Brochure.

The 2023 Scholarship Programme will consist of two categories:

  • Excellence Scholarships will be awarded to selected learners who have achieved an average of 75% in Grade 11* or Grade 12* if completed or 4 subjects (other then Life Orientation) with 80% or more.
  • Achiever Scholarships will be awarded to selected learners who have achieved an average of 60% in Grade 11* or Grade 12* if completed, and who form part of a household with an income of less than R400 000 per annum. Applicants are also required to submit a 600 word motivation with their application for this Scholarship category.

*or equivalent

Only South African citizens may be considered for the 'Achiever' Scholarship category.

Applicants for the Scholarship Programme will be automatically considered for any category in which they qualify. As a result, only a single application is necessary.

Each Academic scholarship will be for Full – Time contact learning and will be for the full minimum duration of the qualification (3-4 years) subject to the student making sufficient academic progress to complete the qualification in minimum time.

The value of the scholarships will range between R30,000 and R50,000 per annum.

Eligibility for the IIE’s Varsity College Scholarship Programme is limited to first year full time contact, undergraduate students entering an Higher Education Institution for an Higher Education qualification for the first time.

Interested learners are invited to apply for an IIE Varsity College Scholarship from 01 August to 07 October 2022. To apply, complete and submit the following:

  • An IIE Varsity College undergraduate application form, with application payment.
  • The Scholarship Programme application form.
  • Applicants applying for the Achiever Scholarships will need to complete a 600-word motivation completed on the Scholarship Programme Motivation form
  • All documentation including academic results and required financial documents to serve as proof of household income, where applicable.

All applicants are strongly advised to complete a campus consultation (appointment) with a Student Advisor prior to making application as this will assist with the process. All forms are available below or at your nearest campus.

Ts and Cs apply. Click here to download

Please note that in order to apply for a Scholarship, you are required to complete a general undergraduate application to The IIE’s Varsity College first.

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Download the undergraduate application form and submit with your Scholarship application as an attachment.



Please note that only applicants who are applying for the Achiever Scholarship need to complete the motivation letter.



Please upload supporting documents according to the Scholarship you are applying for:

The following formats supported: PDF, .doc, .docx, jpeg, png