Qualification Advice


Deciding which qualification to study towards is one of the most important decisions you will make. It will not only impact on your life for the duration of your studies, but will also determine your suitability for employment as well as lay the foundation for your career.

Varsity College's philosophy of academic excellence, combined with the application of essential business tools and skills, can be implemented in the work environment. This puts us, we believe, in a position to offer you qualifications that will develop and prepare you for a future filled with many opportunities.

From an academic institution point of view, the campuses offer enhanced teaching and learning and student support facilities. Small classes will ensure that you will receive individual attention. The academic team on each campus, consisting of highly qualified lecturers, Academic Development Coordinators, Librarians and faculty management staff, is there to take care of your academic needs.

Seeing a Student Advisor on campus is vital to ensure that you, as the prospective student, will get credible and valuable career and study advice.

This will help you make calculated and informed decisions about which qualification to study towards. The Varsity College Student Advisor will guide you through the various qualification options available at Varsity College, talk you through the fee structure, timetabling as well as the registration procedure and introduce you to the campus.

Contact a campus to make an appointment.