Teaching & Support

The student support team is managed by the Vice Principal - Academic (VPA). By keeping track of your academic progress, monitoring feedback from your lecturers and through your evaluation of their teaching, the VPA is able to ensure that effective learning and teaching is taking place in the classroom.

Working closely with the VPA are Academic Development Coordinators (ADCs), experienced and passionate education experts who work closely with both students and the lecturing team to keep the academic heart beating on campus. At higher education level, students need to acquire the skills and academic literacies to develop their abilities to write well from informed sources and reflect critically on new knowledge. Should you find yourself facing challenges in the classroom, or with your own studies, your ADC is there to assist you in any way possible.

Whether it’s time management, study skills, assignment writing, referencing techniques to avoid plagiarism, or exam preparation — your ADC can assist. We encourage you to engage with both your subject lecturer and the ADCs as you acquire the academic skills needed to succeed. Students who do this tend to show a marked improvement in their results and reap the benefit of more personalised attention. The ADCs also welcome students and their parents to approach them at any time to collaborate on solving any learning and teaching challenges – before these turn into issues. It is not only students who benefit from the experience of the ADC team; the ADCs are also responsible for identifying and nurturing best teaching practice in our lecturers, conducting peer reviews of lecturers’ teaching skills with a view to improving delivery to students. You will also have the opportunity to evaluate your lecturers’ teaching as it impacts on your learning, and the ADC uses all this feedback to assist the lecturers to enhance your classroom experience. What this means for you, the student, is that Varsity College continually stays at the forefront of the best learning and teaching practices, enabling us to deliver the highest quality classroom experience, designed to ensure your success.

The ADCs are supported by a team of qualified permanent lecturers. As the name suggests, lecturers spend most of their time in the classroom. Across the campuses we have permanent lecturers who specialise in Numeracy, English, IT, Business Management, Law and Hospitality. Lecturing on a daily basis means that our permanent lecturers are constantly engaging with their subject matter.
This puts them in an excellent position to provide the necessary help when students struggle with challenging sections of the curriculum. They are also available any time you feel you might benefit from a little extra subject matter assistance.

The Student Relations Manager (SRM) is the on campus counsellor, a registered health professional tasked with promoting the holistic development of students at Varsity College. The SRM’s focus is on the key areas of trauma support, student wellbeing, citizenship and community engagement. The SRM is assisted by members of the VC Cares Committee, the team responsible for VC Cares, Varsity College's student volunteer body.

Trauma Support: Occasionally students find themselves in crises, struggling to deal with relationship or family challenges or even grappling with issues that might include drug or alcohol addiction, pregnancy fears, study stress, gender issues or concerns about HIV/AIDS. Whatever the challenge, having somebody to talk to can make a world of difference to your personal wellbeing. Your SRM is this person, a qualified counsellor who will listen, understand and treat your discussions in total confidence. Student wellbeing: In addition to one-on-one consultations with those experiencing personal difficulties, the SRM is responsible for the social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and physical wellbeing of all students on campus.

Students are encouraged to participate in monthly awareness campaigns that address important issues such as substance abuse, physical and mental health, family matters, gender issues and the environment. The SRMs also run mentorship programmes and life skills workshops such as VC101 that prepare students for the tertiary environment and the Girltalk Programme, where female students discuss women’s issues. Through such support measures, and by tending to the social and emotional aspects of life, we aim to better equip you with crucial life skills that will help you thrive personally - not only as a student, but also in society.