Boot Camp(us) is here!

In our commitment to leave no student behind during the move to online lectures, we will present a boot camp(us) for Semester 1 Modules from the 17th of June to the 31st of July 2020.

This is aimed only at students who have not been able to engage online throughout the semester to this point, and will only repeat content covered by those students that remained engaged throughout. Thus, we would encourage students who are able, to continue to complete the semester on the current online basis. Boot camp(us) will also be delivered as collabs, thus the campus access is to provide computer or connectivity requirements for these students, not to provide face-to-face lectures.

Please see below for your campus flyer with unique booking link, and the boot camp(us) timetable.

  • Click here for Durban North campus.
  • Click here for Westville campus.
  • Click here for Pietermaritzburg campus.
  • Click here for Sandton campus.
  • Click here for Waterfall campus.
  • Click here for Pretoria campus.
  • Click here for Cape Town campus.
  • Click here for Port Elizabeth campus.

Make the next four weeks count. Click here for more info.

Arrangements for semester 2, 2020. Click here here to learn more.

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