What will you learn from an Events Management Course?


Some people are natural organisers, born with the ability to manage people and resources to make special occasions a reality. This makes them ideal event managers, sought out by people who don’t have the time to organise events on their own, and need the assistance of an experienced professional.

For people who think that they would make a good event co-ordinator, conference organiser, wedding planner or venue manager, there are a number of Events Management courses out there to help you hone your skills.

Varsity College offers tuition support for a popular one-year programme, called a Higher Certificate in Event Management. This full-time Events Management course will allow school leavers to start down this highly stimulating career path with greater confidence. And if you pass at the end of the year, you will graduate with a qualification endorsed by The Public Relations Institute of Southern Africa (PRISA), which was recently recognised by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) as the professional body for public relations and communication management. The Events Management certificate itself is conferred by The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE), South Africa’s leading private provider of higher education.

The great thing about a good Events Management course is that you will develop a wide assortment of business competencies that you can use throughout your career.

The Varsity College-supported Higher Certificate in Event Management consists of twelve modules that combine theory and hands-on components. Obviously you will learn how to plan, coordinate and execute an event. However, you will also be introduced to business skills like drawing up a budget and tracking expenses during the event lead-up. Modules are also devoted to business communication, so that you will graduate with the ability to write professional corporate documentation and use computer programmes like PowerPoint and Outlook to more effectively achieve your objectives. You will even receive a grounding in public relations, as it is always important to promote events in the relevant circles.
The Events Management course supported by Varsity College also includes a module where students, in groups, must conceptualise an entire event of their choice; including theme, venue, invitations, running sheet, décor, catering, entertainment, etc. The project will form part of your portfolio. It will prove your competencies to future employers who need someone with Events Management expertise.