What recruiters look for in graduates

BCom Honours

You’re completing your degree this year and hoping to get your first position in 2019. The long road of studying is almost over! Whether you’re finishing off a Bachelor of Arts or a BCom Honours, you could soon be putting a CV together, sending it out, going for interviews and even negotiating your salary. If this seems a bit daunting it’s okay. Here are a few points on what recruiters like to see.

Communication skills

Yes, your qualification is important but being able to articulate is vital too. Recruiters looking to place graduates value the ability to communicate well. This is because effective communication means less room for confusion and conflict. It also gives management peace of mind that their newest employee will be able to share their input, contribute meaningfully to the business and voice grievances. Plus, employees who communicate are better to work with than those who keep everything in.


You’ll find that many businesses are looking for candidates with strong problem-solving abilities. Why? Because hardcore and conceptual problem solving are a major currency in today’s world. Many subjects covered during the course of your degree will encourage this. If you’re able to come up with great ways to solve issues in the workplace on your own, no one’s time or energy will be required. A post-graduate qualification like a BCom Honours will help you hone your problem-solving abilities, allowing you to add even more impressive skills to your CV.


In an interview, it’s possible that you’ll be asked about how well you handle temporary setbacks. How would you respond to this question? Whilst we all feel disappointed over certain things, it’s whether or not we allow them to stop us that makes all the difference. In the workplace, employers need to know that you won’t be discouraged from meeting company goals just because your first method might not have paid off. A successful career means never giving up and never giving in. This kind of determination goes a long way towards gaining the respect of management and your fellow colleagues. It’s a quality that is admired by many, so you might not want to overlook its importance.


When it comes to reaching the goals that we set for ourselves, drive is often a major factor that influences our success. So in the business world, your drive could positively affect more than just you and your performance. It’s why many recruiters and management figures look for graduates who display that they have a drive. How do you demonstrate yours? You should remember that there’s a fine line between too little and too much. Often, people tend to lose this drive as they encounter testing times of stress. This makes it important to hold on to it. As long as you have it, you’re well on your way to bigger things.


How can you expect anybody else to believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself? It’s a pretty powerful question when you consider what the right amount of confidence can do for you. Be warned though, there’s a difference between confidence and arrogance. If you appear to display the latter, you might find it a struggle to get that dream job. Confidence shows an employer that you’ve got a high sense of self-worth and as a result, will always strive to give of your best. Studies have also shown that confident people are more pleasant to be around and bring out the best in team situations. If you back yourself, the chances are that your employer will back you, too. If you’re nervous in your interview don’t worry. It shows the recruiter that you have humility and the chances are, they’ve seen many a nervous candidate.


Being able to cooperate is a highly employable skill. Do you work well in a team and can you relate to those who are different to you? The reality is, the working world is full of diversity. This will be no different when you enter your first job. There will be people who work differently to you and who have different opinions on certain things. They’ll also be part of your department so you’ll encounter these differences on a daily basis. An inability to tolerate others and perform as a productive member of a team could result in you being overlooked. This is one of the most important “people skills” that a graduate should have. Vital aspects of teamwork are trust and understanding. Can you trust other members of your team to perform their roles without attempting to micro-manage or tell them how it should be done? By all means, help your peers but never do so in a way that makes you appear controlling and makes them feel incompetent. It’s lonely for those who can’t work well in teams. They make fewer friends in the workplace and they’re also less likely to get promoted.

Your dream job is out there

This is the most exciting time of your life. Be aware that you might discover another passion along the way. Sometimes you find the dream job and other times, it finds you. At the IIE’s Varsity College, it’s our goal to prepare graduates for whatever line of work they choose. Through our qualified lecturers with industry experience to IIE qualifications that suit the modern working world, we know that you’re going to do great things. No matter your aspirations, a Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Management makes an impressive addition to your credentials. To find out more, please visit our website here. Varsity College is an educational brand of The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE).