New year teaching challenges

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Those in the teaching industry might be aware that the start of a new school year can be chaotic. From nervous students to lesson planning and even getting back into routine, there are a few things to contend with before learning can begin. If you’re studying a teaching degree, you’ll want to know everything you can about classroom dynamics before you’re in charge of your own one day.

Teaching is a profession that comes with its own unique set of challenges. This means it’s vital that you have the necessary skills and tools to overcome them. Many of these can be gained from the right teaching degree. Here’s what every good teacher will have to deal with when a new school year begins.

Interacting with students

Getting to know the new faces in your class is a given for those in teaching. By knowing the children you’ll be working with, you will know how best to engage with them. You’ll also be able to flag certain learners who might need more attention than others. Based on the class size, you might have to learn around 30 names and faces. This includes helping them get to know fellow classmates. Ice-breaker games that get them to answer questions are a great way to introduce each child and make sure that you get to know them as well. These facts also serve as differentiating factors that will help you remember who is whom.

Management of time

Nobody understands the concept of racing against time quite like a teacher. From preparing lessons and activities to giving the actual classes, time is an important factor to consider. Failure to manage time before class means that your lessons might not go smoothly. Should you not finish your lesson on time, this content might have to be carried over into another class. Then there are the meetings, assignments to mark and even liaising with parents. This makes being organised and on time a must if you’re going to become a successful teacher. These can be overcome with a commitment to time management and with the help of calendars and reminder apps.

Communicating with parents

This is something that can prove to be incredibly stressful for teachers. Luckily, thanks to digital, there are a few ways to avoid countless phone calls and unnecessary meetings. There are now apps that allow you to set up forums to chat with parents where you can give feedback and ask for their input. In the same breath, parents can ask questions and provide necessary information. Communicating with moms and dads is a must to keep them involved in the learning process. It also helps create more receptive parents if they’ve been included in classroom happenings from the outset.

Creating exciting classroom activities

On the downside, digital has made children dependant on devices. This means that old-school methods of teaching are sometimes met with resistance. As a result, teachers are starting to adapt traditional lessons to incorporate more inventive technologies. Whilst some use a smart board, others are turning to games and online resources to drive important learning concepts. Luckily, there are loads of options on the internet that can be used to help make lessons more modern and exciting.

Your qualification could be the start of greater things

If you were born to teach, you’ll need the right qualification to help you forge a promising career as an educator. The IIE Bachelor of Education in Intermediate Phase Teaching offers the perfect blend of knowledge and skills to help you become a competent and professional teacher. To fulfil your passion for learning and to start your journey towards shaping the lives of young people, please click here for more information.

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