Student Profile – Chris de Beer

Student Profile – Chris de Beer

In an industry where age and experience play a major role, Chris de Beer has proved that possessing the ‘x-factor’ is enough to break the mould.

“The biggest thing that I have learned so far is; don’t let your age hold you back from chasing your dreams. In my experience if you show passion and a desire to work, youth isn’t a problem,” says The IIE Varsity College graduate Chris de Beer.

Chris recently graduated with an IIE Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce with a stream in Financial Management and now works at ‘attooh!’ as a Discovery Consultant and Trainee Financial Advisor.

“In my job I have to network and bring in my own clients. I have to show potential clients the value that Discovery and ‘attooh!’ can offer them. Once clients have shown interest in the Discovery products, I arrange a meeting with a senior financial advisor and sit in on the meeting to learn and gain experience. After the meeting I work with the senior financial advisor on preparing quotes,” adds Chris.

‘attooh!’ group of companies is a niche Financial Service Boutique specialising in corporate and individual financial services. The company offers a value proposition focusing on dedicated and tailor-made client education packages. It covers the full spectrum of financial services products.

Chris sees his current job as on the greatest achievements of his career given that he is so young and that he came out on top after competing with several older and more experienced candidates.

“Another great achievement was Varsity College offering me a scholarship to do my honours through The Open University which is based in the United Kingdom,” says Chris.

After completing his honours, Chris hopes to become an investment banker