Sticking to your resolutions: A step-by-step guide

2020 happened and you set some resolutions, now what? Whether you’ve set your sights on completing your legal studies, higher certificate in law or master a new skill, it’s crunch time. How will you do what you’ve promised yourself? Believe it or not, there are a few ways to make sure you get what you deserve in 2020.

Step 1: Make a credible commitment

Write it down and leave it somewhere you can see it. This might be on your fridge, next to your bed or even at your desk. When you can see your resolutions, they’ll stay top of mind. A visual commitment will also help you stay accountable to what you’ve pledged to achieve. So grab that piece of paper and write it in all capitals: GET MY HIGHER CERTIFICATE IN LAW. Show yourself that you mean business and knock it out of the park.

Step 2: Involve someone who cares about you

Once you fill someone else in on your new year’s resolutions, you’ll have no choice but to fulfil them. Involving a family member or friend in your quest to do and be more in 2020 will give you the push you need to get things done. Tell this person why these goals are important to you and ask them to follow up on your progress. Trust us when we say, nothing drives progress like someone asking about your goals and you’ve achieved none. Not only will you not want to disappoint yourself but you’ll want to make them proud as well.

Step 3: Set a penalty if you default

Having to sacrifice something you love will definitely stop you from defaulting on those new year’s resolutions. Think giving up social media for a month or having to clean out your parent’s garage that’s been gathering dust for years. Once you realise the cost of laziness or failure, you’ll be more likely to act swiftly and with purpose.

Step 4: Speak to those who have mastered what you’ve set out to

One of the best ways to learn is by talking to someone who was once where you are now. By chatting to a mentor or someone you can ask for advice, you’ll be more likely to stay on track and not give up. They might even be able to share some insights that offer you more direction. Choose someone who will be honest with you. That way, they can tell you what’s holding you back. They’ll also celebrate with you once you’ve reached your goal.

Getting ahead starts right now

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