Stand out with an IIE Bookkeeping Short Learning Programme

bookkeeping certification

Increased job competition is a sign of the times. With South Africa’s economy fluctuating, acquiring employment is proving to be a challenge. The rise of digital has also played a role. This is due to the fact that the communication and learning has grown rapidly thanks to digital.

Fortunately, Bookkeeping is a career that will always be in demand. Pursuing a bookkeeping course can help you improve your prospects significantly when searching for job. With personality offering prospective employers only half the picture, it’s important to ensure that you’ve got credible theoretical knowledge if you want to get the proverbial foot in the door of this field. 

These days, there are multi-dimensional short learning programmes that offer a variety of skills. These give candidates a greater chance of securing employment. The IIE Bookkeeping short learning programme at The IIE’s Varsity College Part-time is a popular offering for many of those who choose to study with us. Here’s how it can help you learn more, stand out, and stand you in good stead to secure that job.  

Lock down those fundamentals

bookkeeping certification

Times might have changed but accounting principles haven’t. It’s in your best interest to upskill on these before you enter the working world. Yes, the theory is only one part of the work, but you can’t put anything into practise if you don’t know the basics. From recording cash transactions and mastering the accounting equation, the IIE Bookkeeping short learning programme will ensure you have the perfect foundation of knowledge and core skills.

Learn how to blend old and new school

bookkeeping certification

Thanks to digital, areas of expertise like bookkeeping have undergone a modern overhaul. With computerised methods having become a reality, the IIE Bookkeeping short learning programme will help you learn how best to apply accounting principles in the modern age. Part of this includes the latest thinking of GAAP principles and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). With the help of these insights, you’ll be prepared for the challenges associated with 21st century bookkeeping. With many employers looking at how well candidates can implement knowledge and use their skills to the maximum, this will definitely come in handy. 

Show that you’re dedicated

bookkeeping certification

It’s not only the theory that you stand to gain from a programme like this one. In upskilling yourself, you’re sending a strong and clear message to prospective employers that improving yourself matters to you. It also tells them that you care about your future enough to invest in yourself. Self-motivation and empowerment are admirable qualities that many recruiters like to see in candidates. Should you go into a bookkeeping role, the chances are that you’ll need to work with technology. This makes a relevant programme essential to working world success.

How badly do you want it? 

bookkeeping certification

It’s no secret that your success depends partly on how hard you’re prepared to work for what you want. Don’t rely on luck alone. Create the opportunities you’ve always wanted for yourself with an IIE short learning programme from The IIE’s Varsity College Part-time. For more on this short learning IIE Bookkeeping programme please visit our website here.

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