Skills for mobile app developers

Mobile app development

Mobile app development is high on the list of cutting-edge jobs that are gaining fame. From increased earning potential to technological innovation, many are choosing this as their definitive career path.

The title of mobile app developer refers to a person who can design, build and maintain mobile applications for Android, iOS, Google Play store, Mobile Windows and other operating systems. Although 99% of this market is dominated by Apple’s iOS and Samsung’s Android.

Looking to cement your future in mobile app development? These are the skills you need to have.

The right qualification

What you study is the first box you’ll need to tick if you are going to pursue a career in programming. For many successful developers, a computer science degree is a great starting point. This will help you navigate coding, web development and software design. With the right theory on your side, you’ll find that it’s a truly fascinating field.


Most programmers will tell you that you’ll hardly ever stop at one version of an app. It’s a continuous process that involves several evolutions. The life-cycle of an app is a complex one. It involves design, development, testing, releasing, maintenance and long-term support.

Knowledge of mobile

Again, this is where your qualification will come in. Mobile development differs from that of general software, so you’ll need to develop your expertise in this area. Learning about each platform will take some time and a lot of effort, but it’s worth it to be able to master your craft. With every platform relying on different tools, a theoretical background will help you immensely.

Don’t be afraid to get stuck in

One way to hone your skills in app development is to start working. Whether it’s on your own as an experimental phase or on a freelance basis for clients, the best way to learn is to do. There are also blogs and websites dedicated to aspiring developers. Reading up on popular topics will give you advice to apply in your own work.

Time management

Using your time effectively will enable you to create high-quality apps once you get into the field. This is because time is an incredibly valuable resource in development. It’s easy to believe when you consider how many hours it takes to craft a working app that meets client expectations.

The time is now

With the world evolving at an exhilarating rate, you’ll get left behind if you don’t adapt to the times. The same can be said for careers. With a qualification that reflects your working world, you’ll get the complete picture. At The IIE’s Varsity College, you can study IIE qualifications that prepare you for the industry that you choose. The fact that they’re taught by lecturers with real experience in that field makes for an engaging learning experience. Our results are testament to this. If you want to read more on the IIE Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences in Application Development, click here.

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