Is studying event management worth it in the Covid-era?

Should I still study Events Management?

The global pandemic has come to influence the way we live and the choices we make daily. This includes what our career prospects might look like. For those considering pursuing event management courses, COVID-19 might have driven them to reconsider. Whilst events are known to be catalysts for the spread of the Corona Virus we still believe in studying towards this field. Here's why.


We're all adjusting to the new normal


It's been over a year since the first cases of Corona Virus were recorded. We've also all learned to do what we have to do, for life to carry on. For those in the events space, the industry was hit hard as restrictions prohibited the hosting and attendance of events. Now that the dust has somewhat settled and we're adjusting to the changes that the pandemic has brought on, events are back. These might be somewhat different from those in years gone by, but there's no reason why they can't still be ones to remember.

Creativity can't be stopped by a pandemic

Whilst many things were stopped by COVID-19, creativity wasn't one of them. If anything, the pandemic has driven innovation and exciting new developments in the events realm. These include experiences that facilitate social distancing, seating arrangements that abide by protocols and even a greater focus on the outdoors, making the most of mother nature. As a result, there's no reason not to study event management courses or an IIE event management qualification. If you're passionate about joining the industry, nothing can stop you.

Some really great trends have emerged


With the industry being forced to adapt, some incredible new developments have unfolded in the events space. These include food delivered in single servings, self-service buffets and even quirky food trucks to keep things interesting. Then, there's the addition of tech, apps and social media to drive launches and engagement rather than hosting the events in the physical sense.

A newfound appreciation for events

The pandemic taught us to appreciate events, the attendance of them and the people who put them together. As a result, we're going to pay even more attention to the finer details and the efforts of those who made it all happen in spite of the challenging times. This is a wonderful thing for the industry as clients might demonstrate a renewed willingness to host events.

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