Five Popular Bachelor of Arts Majors

Popular BA Majors

A BA degree is synonymous with career opportunities. This is because it is broad in scope, providing ample choices for those who like to keep their options open. But what are these opportunities and who are they best suited to? We're talking about the various avenues below.


The communications space is definitely a fascinating one. It also focuses on a skill that's a must for any industry the world over… communication. If you've got the ability to communicate, you'll be afforded more opportunities than those who do not. You'll also be able to articulate yourself and build meaningful relationships with your peers. If you choose a BA Communication degree, you could soon see yourself working in some interesting industries. These include:

  • Corporate Communications: Help some of the biggest organisations in the world up their communications game with the right blend of interpersonal and intrapersonal communications.
  • Digital: The digital space is certainly on the rise and a BA degree is a great way to get your foot in the door. Specialise as a strategist or even a social media manager but either way, things will be kept interesting.
  • Lecturing: Change the lives of candidates just like yourself when you take up a position as a lecturer. It's a rewarding career that allows you to give back whilst pursuing your passions.



If you're someone who feels the need to make a difference and help people, psychology is the field for you. This is ideal for those who have strong interpersonal skills and enjoy listening to others. As someone in this industry, you'll carry a fair amount of responsibility for those who confide in you. This is a small price to pay for being able to change someone's life. With psychology as your core discipline you could pursue a career in:


  • Human Resources: The most successful businesses have a great HR department. In dealing with so many different people, a knowledge of human psychology certainly provides insight into how to address workplace concerns.
  • Clinical Psychology or counselling: This is definitely the most rewarding path if you're serious about giving back and helping others. If you don't want to venture into clinical psychology, you can become a counsellor at a school or university. 
  • Teaching: The best teachers are those who have a psychology background. Although this will require some further studying, those with a calling to teach won't see a problem in investing time into gaining this knowledge.



With a strong focus on spoken and written English skills, it's easy to see why a BA provides the perfect footing for careers in the languages space. If you're someone who already has strengths in this area, you're in luck. A BA will only further propel you in the right direction. Once you've graduated, you might find yourself working in:

  • Advertising: Join the ranks of some of the industry's finest as a copywriter or a community manager who runs social media pages. Create meaningful content, drive engagement and tell unforgettable stories for impressive brands.
  • Journalism: If you're thrilled by the fast-paced world of breaking news, journalism could be an ideal career for you. Choose between print, digital, tv or radio and release gripping stories of what's unfolding in the world around you.
  • Teaching: With good written and spoken English skills you'll make a phenomenal teacher. If you decide to specialise in English as your primary subject of teaching, you could inspire your students to love it just as much as you do. That in itself is a beautiful thing.

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