The Rise of Females in SA Law

The Rise of Females in SA Law

As with most industries across the country, women have risen up the ranks. Over the last two decades more and more women have entered into the legal realm and have proven to be a force to be reckoned with. It’s become evident that more and more women are pursuing an LLB degree or a BCom Law to help them land the career of their dreams.

From Attorneys to Advocates and even Judges, South African women fill some of the most prestigious positions within the legal industry. They’re slowly becoming more and more recognised for their talents and qualifications as time progresses. In fact, last year alone, President Jacob Zuma appointed eight new female Judges, countrywide. This is a great sign that women are becoming indispensible within an industry that was largely occupied by men.

The presence of formidable females in the South African legal system has grown substantially, opening doors of opportunity in multiple areas. This is so much so, that in 2006, The South African Women Lawyers Association (SAWLA) was established. This entity allows women in law to participate in forums responsible for discussing and enforcing the transformation within the industry, addressing gender equality in particular. The formation of entities like SAWLA, mean that ladies in law have a place in the industry and futures to look forward to.

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"Fighting injustice keeps you young."
- Gloria Allred

Isn’t it wonderful to think that women have overcome the boundaries of gender inequality to assume roles in an industry previously dominated by men? Don’t get us wrong, the legal industry and others still have a long way to go until they are completely gender neutral, but to see the growth is to know that change will come. And of course, the future of South African Law depends on the quality of the ambitious women brave enough to enter into it.

With many different paths of study, a degree in law can take on many forms. This means that someone interested in pursuing law has a few different avenues to consider. If you are an aspiring female lawyer, a world of opportunity waits you. So, why not let The IIE’s BCom in Law from Varsity College give you the skills and grounding that you need to pursue your dreams?

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