Marine Surfski Series


The first of the immensely popular ten race Varsity College Marine Surfski Series takes place at the Marine Surf Lifesaving Club on Addinton Beach tomorrow evening. This is the 5th year that Varsity College will be backing the surfski series, one of the most successful ones in South Africa.

To get the excitement going around the event, Varsity College hosted a Marine Surfski Series Media challenge, which was attended by, among other journos, Alain Tardin, East Coast Radio Sportswave anchor and reporter. Each journalist had a pro paddler to help with the challenge. Alain’s excitement was fuelled even more by the two GoPro Hero 3s he used to film the challenge.

Said Alain after the event: “The paddle out through the waves was awesome and the skis punch through the waves nicely - though I did get knocked off a few times. We sat out the back waiting for the set and managed to catch a great wave in - without bailing - to make it safely back to shore. I was hooked and spent the next hour paddling in and out catching wave after wave. I look forward to heading back on Friday to take part in the first leg of the series with my teammate, Brett Challenor, from Stealth Kayaks.”

Friday evening’s first race will producde some fierce competition, with defending champion Hank McGregor and his doubles partner Grant van der Walt (Varsity College) at the forefront. The race is not just for the champions though, and hundreds of surfski enthusiasts are expected to take to the warm waters on Friday evening.

Says Carole Adam, Varsity College National Sport and Social Manager: “At Varsity College we are passionate about promoting an outdoors-based and active lifestyle and so our relationship with the Marine Surfski Series is one we treasure”.

The ten race series culminates in the Varsity College SA Schools Surfski Challenge with a bursary into the Varsity College Sports Life Programme as the first prize.