Interesting IT Careers in the New World of work

The evolution of technology, data and the internet have come to shape the way we work. Not only is this true for our daily tasks and processes but this also extends to career choices as well. At The IIE’s Varsity College, studying an IIE computer science degree prepares candidates for fascinating new fields that never existed 20 years ago. This is something we take pride in as we watch more and more graduates go on to do big things with their cbachelor of information technology qualifications.

If you’ve ever considered a ccomputer science degree, here are some interesting career paths that you should know about. 

1) There is such thing as an ethical hacker 

Yes, you can consider ethical hacking as a career opportunity. This line of work involves working for a business or organisation to safeguard their data and valuable information. In short, you’ll be paid to hack your employer to help find weak spots or potential avenues for opportunistic cyber criminals. You’ll also be playing an active role in fighting cybercrime. What could be more exciting than that? 

2) App development is in demand 

Another new-age career that’s significantly gained momentum is that of app development. Think of how many apps you engage with on a daily basis to live your life and get things done. What if you could be part of making someone’s life easier, happier or better yet, provide a solution to a world problem? If you work in this field you’ll get to meet with a client, assess their app needs, create the app that suits them and then test and launch it. This is super exciting and for those behind the likes of mega-apps like Snapchat and Instagram, it’s clear why it’s incredibly rewarding. 

3) We’re all becoming more dependent on the cloud

Cloud computing services is an area of IT that is vital for many businesses and people today. The level of demand means you can expect to earn an attractive salary for working in this field. If you join the ranks of cloud-based service providers, you’ll be the reason big corporates and even smaller businesses can access their networks, servers and storage. You’ll also be the one who saves the day when things crash and people need to recover documents. After all, not all heroes wear capes. 

4) It’s all about that user experience

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, apparently, functionality is too. Are you someone who appreciates a logical, attractive and well-planned web or app layout? If you are, a career as a user experience (UX) designer might just be for you. If you work in this field, you’ll focus on how people interact with a product, how it’s used and how a consumer feels during this process. Through this, you can make improvements, increase use and convert more sales for your business. As the online world gets more and more saturated with brands trying to sell themselves ahead of the competition, UX is a clear way to gain an advantage. This makes UX designers a hot commodity for those looking to expand their market share and drive customer loyalty. 

Make your IT dream a reality 

At The IIE’s Varsity College, we have a commitment to preparing our students with New World thinking for a New World of work. As a result, graduates leave ready for every challenge that lies ahead. With stronger problem-solving and critical thinking skills, you can pursue any career you choose. This is because you’ll be confident in your abilities and get noticed by prospective employers. To learn more about The IIE Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences in Application Development, please click here

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