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Technology has got to be one of the most interesting topics in the world today. From its origins to its evolution, we’ve gotten to see its rise in all its glory. Part of its progression is the way it’s become a major field of study. It’s why you’ll find programmes like an IT support course available to those who want to make technology their profession.

Curiosity keeps us learning, especially where technology is concerned. It’s also what keeps innovation in this field alive and well. Just like a powerful computer, our minds are capable of learning new things and retaining information.

Whether you’re interested in pursuing an IT support course or just have a thing for technology, there’s no harm in expanding your knowledge. Here are a few cool facts that you might not have known about technology.

“The real problem is not whether machines think but whether men do” – B. F. Skinner

How many of these did you know?

  1. In the 1950s, PCs were called “Electronic Brains”. This isn’t surprising when you consider how much thinking it’s able to do.
  2. Microsoft, Apple, HP and Google have more in common than being IT companies. They all started in garages. Don’t ever think your dream won’t work, all it takes is a big idea and loads of passion.
  3. An Apple computer was what Bill Gates used to design his house. This is pretty funny when you consider the fact that he founded Microsoft.
  4. Email has been around for much longer than the World Wide Web has. No really, the earliest email can be traced back to 1984 but because there was no www back then, users had to make do with numbered pages. The page number for email was 7776.
  5. We all know that computer viruses can be really nasty. Did you know that the number of new viruses released each month is estimated at around 6 000? Better renew that antivirus subscription.
  6. One of the fastest growing occupations in the technology sphere is computer programming.
  7. In 1982, TIME Magazine’s “Man of the Year” was the computer.
  8. The world’s very first computer was an absolute whopper. It was about 2.5 meters high. That’s not the scary part though. It weighed almost 30 000kg.
  9. At present, the largest hard drive in the world is a 60TB SSD. Just imagine what you could store on there.
  10. Google was named by accident. The original founders made a typo on the original name. Somehow, we don’t think that “Googol” would have been as catchy.
  11. Doug Engelbart was the name of the man who invented the first computer mouse. He carved it from wood and the rest is history.

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