Interesting careers of the future

bachelor in commerce degree

If you’re planning on studying a Bachelor of Commerce Degree, you’ll know that the business world is an evolving one. Thanks to the emergence of new systems and technologies, there are always interesting jobs making an entrance into the market. If you consider what Facebook did for the likes of Community Managers everywhere, you’ll see how technology can create entirely new job descriptions that never existed.

The same can be said for leadership positions within the business context. This has had a few makeovers over the last couple of years in the name of innovation and changing times. For those busy completing a Bachelor of Commerce Degree, here are just some of the fascinating roles that you could hold in the future.

The Chief Digital Officer

This one should come as no surprise consider the way that digital has come to reinvent life as we know it. This leadership role entails technical knowledge as well as an understanding of influencers and social media networks. You’ll also need great people skills to help coordinate the digital division and reach the expectations of the business.

The Agility Coach

Say what? If you’re studying a BCom Management, you’ll know how important quick thinking and swift action is. When you’re agile, you’re able to move fast, think fast and get results fast. This makes the perfect agility coach - a person who mobilises teams within an organisation to help them break those bad routines in order to hit their targets in less time. If you worked in this position, you would be either be working full time for a company or working as a consultant servicing several businesses at a time.

The Data Science Executive

No one grew up telling their parents that they wanted to become a data science executive. Thanks to the big numbers and analytics measures associated with the data-driven digital world, now it’s totally possible. If you’re in this role, you’ll be a technical expert who’s highly skilled in reading stats. You’ll also be required to extract insights from the data you view in order to predict what the business should be doing next. This goes hand-in-hand with strategy and these insights will help your organisation get an idea of what the bigger picture looks like.

The Innovation Officer

Sure, this one might sound a bit abstract but there’s an important function to this role. As an innovation officer, you will fill the role of sorting the great ideas from the terrible ones. This is a fair amount of pressure as it’s directly linked to a business’s profits. If you green light an idea and it does well, the company will thank you for it. If it doesn’t, you’ll be the one left answering the questions. As much as there is some risk involved, it’s an exciting position that’s suited to the thrill-seekers and big thinkers. If you can come up with creative solutions, this one might be perfect for you.

The right qualification could take you places

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