Important tips when studying from home - breaking down your work space and routine

In all honesty, not everyone finds studying from home as easy as others do. This is because we all learn differently and have different patterns of taking in information. Then, there are challenges and distractions that can really derail your productivity when you’re trying to hit the books. With COVID-19 and a nationwide lockdown preventing students from going to school and on-campus lectures, we’ve all had to do a fair amount of adjusting. 

At The IIE’s Varsity College, we offer our students all of the academic support that they need, regardless of the qualification they choose. This gives them the added advantage they need to get to the top of their chosen industry. Our #NewWorldThinking approach teaches problem-solving and critical thinking skills, allowing every graduate a chance to stand out. As part of our passion to empower and assist every learner, we’ve put together some advice for those studying from home at this time. If this is you, here are the study tips you need. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for help 

Everyone needs help at one time or another. If you don’t ask, you certainly won’t get. Chat to your teacher and fellow students if there’s something you don’t understand. At a time like this, we all need to do what we can to support each other. We lose nothing by helping another person when it comes to sharing our knowledge. Plus, you never know when you might need someone to share what they know with you. Getting help will also ensure that you can complete tasks and don’t fall behind.

Be responsible

From your daily schedule to the completion of tasks, you owe it to yourself to be responsible. By acknowledging that it’s up to you to stay on track and keep your eye on the prize, you’ll be more likely to get things done. This is easier said than done as many of us tend to give in to those distractions when we study from the comfort of home. Pandemic or no pandemic, you still need to follow through. 

Look after yourself 

Although it is rather tempting, now is not the time to be binge-watching series until 3am or eating your body weight in junk food daily. Getting enough sleep and the correct nutrients is the best way to keep yourself feeling good. Daily exercise for short periods during your study breaks will also help you let off some steam and stay focussed. A bad diet and a lack of sleep and exercise can cause brain fog, something you don’t want when they have to study. 

Get creative with your learning 

Being at home provides an ideal opportunity to change things up and use your creativity to enhance the way you learn. From virtual classes to online tutorials, there’s a world of educational tools online. You can even experiment with different forms of note taking to see if any methods spark your memory better than others. Once this is over, you might have even expanded your mind, skillset and the way you take in information.

A new world needs new world thinking 

At The IIE’s Varsity College, we believe in providing education that suits the demands of an ever-evolving world, no matter the challenges that lie ahead. To read more about our Schools of Learning, from Law, to Education, Management, Finance and Accounting, Psychology and Communication and IT, please click here.