How to get ahead in your career

If we were all born to stay complacent, there would be no breakthroughs, inventions or discoveries in the world. A hunger for more is what drives many, as does a desire for success. Where creating your legacy is concerned, knowing how to get ahead in your career will help you in leaps and bounds. From getting an honours degree to being brave enough to challenge traditional conventions, here’s what you can do to rise to the top. 

Know when to invest in yourself 

Your skills are the greatest currency you have to work with. Why not make sure they’re up to standard and able to set you apart? At The IIE’s Varsity College, a range of part-time IIE honours degree offerings are available, and what sets them apart is our New World thinking approach to academics. This means an IIE Honours in communication contact qualification is more than just a post-graduate programme. It’s the gateway to stronger problem-solving and critical thinking, two of the most in-demand prerequisite skills that employers look for today. Investing in yourself means studying part-time via contact or via distance and putting in the extra hours that add up to make a big difference. By extending your knowledge and skillset, you can be sure that you’ll stand out to organisations looking for candidates who believe in growth, dedication and drive. 

Don’t fear the path less travelled

If you had to ask some of the world’s most successful people, few would say that their path to the top was linear. If anything, most look like a dot-to-dot drawing full of ups and downs. Most things in life seem simpler in theory than they are in practise. This means that we should all leave a little room for improvisation. Some of our greatest triumphs can come from moments where we’re forced to adapt. Don’t be afraid of the setbacks or of things “not working out according to plan”. Often, there’s a something far greater that lies beyond the bend. 

Insist on doing over saying 

Actions speak louder than words. Nowhere is this more true than in a career context. It’s one thing to tell your new boss that you’re good at something. It’s another thing entirely to show them. If you can demonstrate your skills and strengths without having to talk them up, you’re more likely to go further in your career. Nobody likes a bragger so the one who can act swiftly, with purpose and humility is the one who comes out on top. The same goes for asking for an increase. Don’t just ask for it, show that you are worthy of it. 

Make patience your best friend 

Timing is another factor that isn’t always going to be in your favour. Success doesn’t have a time frame, so being patient as you work towards your goals is key. This means staying motivated even if you don’t reach your targets as fast as you had hoped to. Your time will come and when things fall into place, you’ll see the bigger picture. 

Getting ahead starts now 

At The IIE’s Varsity College we believe in you. It’s why our New World thinking arms you with the skills you need to progress in any career you choose. To read more about the IIE Bachelor of Arts Honours in Communication – Part-Time Contact, please click here.

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